Active Armour is an effective hard water scale prevention technology, which acts as a “Boundary-Zone Inhibitor” to prevent hardness compounds from sticking and forming scale. It has a superior proprietary formulation that allows for consistent performance from 40F to 140F degrees, unlike other phosphate compounds that break down. The chemistry in Active Armour bonds to exposed metal components, protecting plumbing, faucets, water heaters, and appliances from corrosion. 

Apart from preventing a build-up of scale, Active Armour offers infrastructure protection, is budget-friendly, requires no electricity, and is easy to maintain. To determine the best product for your application and demand, we recommend contacting a professional. Alpine Home Experts offers a range of water treatment options, including ion-exchange water softeners, salt-free alternatives, and whole-home filtration systems. 

Our VIP Service Plan includes preventative maintenance checks and services, ensuring that your plumbing system maintains its efficiency and life expectancy. At Alpine Home Experts, we have the expertise and tools to handle all of your radiant and plumbing needs. You’ll know all pricing upfront before any work is performed, and our professional technicians are experienced, bonded, insured, and actively licensed.

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