Small holes or cracks in the sewer main can cause a host of problems to your plumbing system. In particular, roots can infiltrate a sewer line and cause serious issues if not addressed promptly. Once roots take hold in the pipe, they can cause a myriad of problems such as water seepage, dirt erosion, and eventual pipe settling. This can even result in complete pipe failure if left unresolved.

To prevent this, it is crucial to have smaller holes fixed immediately before they become too large to repair. If a full dig sewer replacement is required, it can be invasive and costly. The good news is that a trenchless sewer replacement is often the least costly and invasive option if the pipe is in good enough condition. 

Our team of experienced, bonded, insured, and actively licensed professionals at Alpine Home Experts is dedicated to addressing all types of sewer line issues to keep your plumbing system functioning properly. We offer a range of solutions, from fixing small holes to full-blown trenchless sewer replacements. Our VIP Service Plan even offers preventative maintenance checks and services to help ensure that your plumbing system remains efficient and reaches its expected life expectancy.

At Alpine Home Experts, we take pride in our commitment to fair pricing as well as ethical and honest practices throughout all aspects of our business. Our mission is to provide superior customer service through our highly trained technicians while offering top-notch services at competitive prices so that we can better serve our customers and the community. So if you require any assistance with your sewer line, don’t hesitate to contact us today to experience our dedication to excellence and elevate your plumbing needs.

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